Engineering Services

PLC Technologies is a Turnkey Services provider in various industries. Our engineering expertise are in the Industrial Automation, Electrical and Mechanical industries.

Industrial Automation

Automate your entire production line or choose an industrial automation system for a specific process to enhance quality, speed up inspection, improve accuracy and decrease costs associated with labor, energy and materials. Our expert consultants will help you determine the best industrial automation pathway to suit your production and budgetary requirements. With PLC Technologies expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the products we utilize in our automation solutions, you can choose to move your facility into full automation all at once or step-by-step. And you can be sure that you are using the technology that is best for your unique needs. Our expertise include, but are not limited to: PLC Systems, Control Panels, HMI Systems, Scada Systems, VSD Drives, Intelligent Connectivity and Switch-gear.

Electrical Systems

PLC Technologies is a full service electrical contractor offering electrical engineering services to commercial & industrial clients. We are knowledgeable in the electrical field and each of our professionals is committed to providing a high quality experience. Any infrastructure that generates, distributes and utilizes electrical power needs an electrical contractor that knows their stuff. Our team is highly trained in troubleshooting electrical issues and can get your business back up and running in no time. Our expertise include, but are not limited to: Energy Management, Telecommunication, Electrical Installations, Data Centers & Control Rooms, Fiber Optic Systems, Wireless & Telemetry, Consulting & Design and Turnkey Installations.

Mechanical Systems

PLC Technologies has a broad range of mechanical engineering talent to address your challenges. We specialize in product development and have been successful in existing product troubleshooting, productionization of existing designs, and design assessment. Our expertise include, but are not limited to:, HVAC System, Conveyor Systems, Cooling Towers, Flow & Fluid Transfer, Renewable Resources, Hydraulics & Pneumatic’s, Materials Handling, Process Piping, Palletizing Systems and Steel Fabrication.

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