VFD040CP4EA-21 - Delta, CP2000 Series 4.0KW, 400V

The Delta VFD040CP4EA-21 variable frequency drive, has extended the idea of energy saving and uses this principal as the basis of its design. The CP2000 sensorless vector control drive is specifically designed for applications such as air blowers, pumps and HVAC drives with its intelligent PID control providing the greatest efficiency. The Sensorless Vector Control (SVC) offers timely response to load torque increase/decrease which satisfies customer requirements for load changes while enhancing motor performance. A 3-step V/F curve response is used in the variable torque environment to adequately adjust the input voltage and attain the greatest overall performance; this function is especially helpful in pumps and fans applications. It also includes additional functions for operation and protection in variable load environments, such as flying starts, auto-acceleration/deceleration, momentary power loss restarts, auto-tuning, and more. The CP2000 series provides you with the ultimate energy-saving solution for your applications.

  • Quick setup mode and user defined parameter management to simplify installation
  • Built-in MODBUS and BACnet, expandable with extension cards
  • Built-iin PLC 10k steps with real-time clock and calendar
  • Multi-pump control and circulation functions
  • Skip frequency function (avoids motor vibration at specific frequency bandwidths
  • Enhanced PCB coating ensure reliability in harsh environments
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