VEGA-3318 - 8-ch 4K HEVC/AVC/MPEG-2 Encoding, Decoding & Transcoding Accelerator

  • 8-ch 4Kp60 or 32-ch 1080p60 low-latency HEVC, AVC & MPEG-2 encode, decode & transcode
  • Support for adaptative bitrate (ABR) streaming, 10-bit profiles and 4:2:2 chroma subsmapling
  • Less than 65W power consumption
  • Comprehensive developer tools including Linux and Windows SDKs, FFmpeg and GStreamer plug-ins, and virtualization-friendly drivers

The VEGA-3318 is the world’s first commercial-off-the-shelf video accelerator able to perform low-latency, professional-grade 8-ch 4Kp60 HEVC transcoding in an ultra-low power PCI Express format that can be integrated into standard servers via Linux API. Up to four VEGA-3318 accelerators can be integrated into a 1U server supporting up to 32 live UHD HEVC ABR streams per rack unit – the highest density available in the market. This enables agile, scalable, energy and cost efficient data center deployments to address the growing demand of live UHD OTT video streaming in the cloud. The CAPEX and OPEX savings are significant. VEGA-3318 accelerated solutions benefit from an up to 30x performance boost and up to a 20X reduction in power consumption and rack space when compared to non-accelerated solutions. The VEGA-3318 supports UHD, HD and SD formats and HEVC, AVC and MPEG-2 codecs including 10-bit profiles, 4:2:2 chroma subsampling and ABR streaming. Developers can leverage Advantech’s SDK which supports Linux and Windows operating systems, FFmpeg and GStreamer. In addition, Advantech has created software drivers that are virtualization friendly and support OpenStack. Advantech also offers hardware and software design and customization services for maximum deployment flexibility.