UPS30157 - Meissner, MP3015, 15KVA, 90-120mins, 400V/400V

The UPS30157 is designed to provide high quality continuous power. Solid state true on-line technology is used in the MP3000 UPS with pulse width modulated (PWM) control to protect critical loads against power sags, surges, brown-outs and power failure. The MP3000 UPS inverter uses IGBT switching elements which together with PWM ensures close tolerance output voltage irrespective of variations in input voltage or output load. A fully intelligent monitoring system is incorporated on all MP3000 UPS systems, offering the ability to interact with customer alarms, serial interface allowing hard wired connection to a local computer and simple network management protocol (SNMP) compatible software available for most operating platforms.

  • Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) design using IGBT power devices
  • Extremely rapid response to step loads
  • Ability to handle switch mode power supplies and other loads (crest factor 3:1)
  • 3-Phase units incorporates three single-phase bridges allowing total 100% unbalanced loads but still maintaining very close individual phase voltage regulation
  • Advanced synchronising circuit eliminating hunting between mains and inverter
  • High overall efficiency
  • Extended back-up options are available
  • Designed for Genset compatibility
  • Robust, true on-line protection for computer and industrial application
Voltage3-Phase 400V, 4 Wire
Tolerance± 10%
Frequency50Hz ± 5%
Power Ratings (0.8PF lag)10kVA (8kW) 15kVA (12kW)20kVA (16kW)30kVA (24kW)
Voltage3-Phase 400V, 4 wire
Regulation No Load to Full Load±1% (steady state)
Regulation with 100% Load Application±5%
Regulation with 100% Unbalanced Load±1% Phase Voltage Regulation
Phase Displacements with 100% Unbalanced Load120° ± 2.5%
Frequency50Hz (60Hz on Request)
    Free Running± 0.2%
    Synchronised with Mains (Adjustable)2%
Overload Rating 
    1 Hour110%
    10 Seconds150%
Crest Factor3:1
Total Harmonic Distortion<5% (typically 3% for linear loads)
Static Transfer Switch
Transfer TimeNo Break
Overload Rating 100ms1000%
Efficiency (Input to Output)Typically 87% at full load
Lightning ProtectionDesigned to withstand standard test impulses of 6kV and 3kA
Acoustic Noise Level<55dBA (Measured at 1 meter distance)
Operating Temperature Range0 – 40ºC
Relative Humidity (Non-Condensing)95%
Operating AltitudeUp to 2000m without derating
TypeStandard type Lead Acid Maintenance Free
Anticipated Life3 to 5 years depending on number of discharges
Standard Discharge Full Load (0.8PF lag)  10 min7 min8 min10 min
 Note: Longer times to suit most applications available on request
Dimensions (mm) and Weight (kg)
Weight (approx.)408436508630
 Note: All weights and dimensions inclusive of standard internal battery.
StandardVoltage free contacts available for remote monitoring by diagnostic software or a remote alarm panel
OptionalRelay contacts and remote alarm panel with AS400 interface
SoftwareAvailable on request
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