UPS0042 - Meissner, MP103, 3KVA, 0mins, 110V/110V

  • True on-line design
  • Static Bypass Switch as standard
  • Maintenance Bypass Switch
  • High Frequency Pulse Width Modulated (PVM) microprocessor controlled
  • High overload capability
  • Very quiet operation (typically 50dBA and lower)
  • Compact, slimline cabinet on castors for easy installation
  • Totally short-circuit proofdesign
  • Simple Network Management
  • Protocol(SNMP) capability
  • True on-line double conversion power protection for mission critical applications

The UPS0042 incorporates a microprocessor controlled design using advanced high frequency Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) techniques. The result is a compact, low component count UPS providing unequaled reliability and performance with very low noise levels. The MP100 is packaged in an aesthetically pleasing cabinet with standard batteries for the 3KVA and 5KVA units housed within the UPS cabinet. A separate matching battery cabinet is available for extended discharge times. The MP100 Range is a true on-line design incorporating a Static Bypass switch as standard. In addition to this a manual Make-Before-Break switch is also provided for additional system reliability and ease of maintenance. The alarms and the ON/OFF switch are incorporated into the front facia of the unit. Standard protection is provided to reduce possible damage caused by lightning strikes

ModelMP103 NetworkMP105 NetworkMP103MP105MP105-3PH
VoltageSingle Phase 220V or 230V or 240V3 Phase 380/400V
Tolerance+/-20% Note: Battery charging ceases at -15%
Frequency50Hz +5%
Power Ratings (at 0.6PF lag)3kVA (1.8KW) 5kVA (3KW) 
Ratings (at 0.8PF lag) 3kVA (2.4KW)5kVA (4KW)5kVA (4KW)
VoltageSingle Phase 220V or 230V or 240V
Regulation No Load to Full Load+/-1 (steady state)
Regulation with 100% Load Application+/-3%
Frequency50Hz or 60Hz
Frequency – Free Running*50Hz or 60Hz, +/-0.2%
Frequency – Synchronised with Mains (Adjustable)*50Hz or 60Hz, +/-2%
Overload Rating – 1Hour125%
Overload Rating – 30 Seconds200%
 Crest Factor3:1
THD at Full Linear Load<3%
Load PF Range0.7 lag to 0.9 lead within KW rating
Static Transfer Switch 
Transfer TimeNo Break
Overload Rating 100ms1000%
Efficiency (Input to Output)84%85%84%85%85%
Lightning ProtectionDesigned to withstand standard test impulses of 6kV and 3kA
Noise Suppression (EMI/RFI)Complies with Telkom RFI regulations
Acoustic Noise Level (Measured at 1m Distance)<49dBA<51dBA<49dBA<51dBA<51dBA
Operating Temperature Range0-40ºC
Relative Humidity (Non-Condensing)95%
Operating AltitudeUp to 2 000m without derating
TypeStandard Type Lead Acid Maintenance Free
Anticipated Life3 to 5 years
Standard Discharge  12 min7 min7 min
PF lag at 0.615 min12 min   
Times at Full Load 0.8PF (lag)Note: Longer times to suit most applications
Dimension (mm) and Weight (kg)UPS Only
StandardComputer Interface. True intelligent RS-232
OptionalRelay contacts and remote alarm panel with AS400 interface
SoftwareAvailable on request / SNMP Capable
 Note: The MP100 units are also available as 110V input & output units