UPS batteries will not last forever

UPS batteries will not last forever, and at some point in time they will have to be replaced. Your UPS system is one of the most crucial components in your critical power infrastructure, and for your UPS, the batteries are really the “heart” of that system.

UPS batteries will not last forever

Even though your UPS needs that heart, batteries are often neglected. Normally they will last between 3-5 years from the installation date under normal working conditions. This is dependent on the frequency of use, duration of use and environmental conditions such as heat and humidity.

PLC Technologies South Africa can supply and install all types and makes of UPS batteries such as CSB, Ritar, Vision and more, replacing them during your annual Preventative Maintenance Visit, scheduled as part of your maintenance contract, or during a Health Check. This can be done on a unit-by-unit basis or by replacing all your batteries at the same time to ease your administration and give you total peace-of-mind. Visit our website for information and pricing.

Lourens Van Vuuren
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