Equipment Vibration Monitoring Solution

Facilities Equipment Status Monitoring and Maintenance

For various types of equipment deployed in the field, it is critical to quickly identify the source of any problem that occurs and take corrective action. Current diagnostic techniques for equipment motor vibration monitoring can detect such problems before the devices shut down completely, thus minimizing facility downtime and equipment damage.

Advantech’s Equipment Vibration Monitoring Solution is an integrated solution-ready package that facilities real-time vibration monitoring, time-frequency vibration data analysis, and alarm management/maintenance. The pre-integrated AnCAD vibration-monitoring software provides intuitive analysis solutions. With it’s application dashboard, users can realize vibration data visualization and status monitoring to enhance maintenance efficiency. This can reduce equipment maintenance costs and provide a predictive maintenance mechanism, ensuring a high return on investment.

Software Diagram

evm software diagram

System Architecture

evm system architecture

Feature Highlights

Sensor-to-Cloud Solution

Integrated sensor/data acquisition, edge computing, and vibration monitoring software and dashboard solution-ready package.

Real-Time Vibration Monitoring

Vibration sensor data collection and pre-processing for real-time monitoring and response at the edge

Vibration Data Analysis

Various algorithm for vibration analysis, including spectral analysis, time–frequency…

Condition Monitoring

Pre-loaded equipment status management dashboard with data visualization, remote monitoring, threshold alarms, and predictive maintenance intelligence

Application Story

evm application-01

Facilities Vibration Monitoring in Power Generator

  • Real-time equipment status monitoring with vibration sensor data pre-processing and analysis, including STFT and FFT
  • Identify motor issues at an early stage and enhance maintenance efficiency and uptime
evm application-02

Semiconductor Equipment Diagnostics and Predictive Maintenance

  • Build a vibration sensor network to collect data on motor temperature and vibration remotely monitoring the status of robotic arms in real time
  • Implementing a preventive maintenance model safeguards facility operations, protects costly components and workpieces, avoids unnecessary downtime, and reduces maintenance costs

SRP Visualization

evm visualization

1. Focal Point : Equipment Status

  • Motor monitoring
  • Device monitoring (CPU, memory, voltage)

2. Interactive Dashboard

  • Working status overview
  • Key information highlight

3. Management Scorecard

  • Motor status overview
  • Utilization rate overview
  • Maintain/alert overview

Field Side Monitoring

evm visualization-01
  • Map view
  • Working status
  • Events/alerts

Vibration Data Analytics

evm visualization-02
  • Frequency domain
  • RMS status monitoring
  • Time–frequency analysis

Condition Monitoring

evm visualization-03
  • Threshold monitoring
  • Data monitoring and alerts

Event Center

evm visualization-04
  • History event record
  • Monthly comparison