Equipment Edge Connectivity Solution

Enable Equipment Intelligence and Asset Management

The development of smart cities and deployment of Industry 4.0 technology has led to the installation of millions of IoT sensors and devices in a range of equipment and applications. Determining how to best manage distributed equipment remotely is a key issue for IoT. To meet market requirements, Advantech’s Equipment Edge Connectivity Solution has been developed as an integrated solution-ready package for establishing both wired and wireless edge-to-cloud connectivity while providing protocol conversion, edge intelligence, and asset management features. It comes pre-loaded with an equipment status management dashboard that facilitates data visualization, remote monitoring, alarm notification, and asset management. This solution can improve asset utilization, facilitate establishing a preventative maintenance plan, and enable EaaS (Equipment as a Service) new business model.

Software Diagram

System Architecture

equipment edge system diagram

Feature Highlights

IoT Connectivity & Protocol Conversion

Wireless sensor (LoRa, Wi-Fi) data integration and support for field protocols (OPC UA/Modbus) for sensor/device data acquisition

Real-Time Edge Light Analytics

Incorporated data integration, data pre-processing, and edge analytics with real-time response to your applications

Quick Cloud Integration

Pre-configured WISE-PaaS/EnSaaS IoT cloud services. Quickly and easily deploy your IoT application with WISE-PaaS

Asset Management Service

Pre-loaded equipment status management dashboard with data visualization, remote monitoring, alarm notification, and asset management

Application Story

Enabling Air Compressor Asset Management

  • Real-time monitoring status of working mode, discharge temperature/pressure and loading/unloading pressure with equipment management dashboard
  • Establish historical event/alert list and predictive information for efficient maintenance
edge connectivity application-02

Realizing a Remote Monitoring and Control System for Elevators

  • Build a remote monitoring and control system that ensures efficient maintenance
  • Real-time acquisition of elevator operational status and configuration of alarm thresholds for emergency prevention

SRP Visualization

1. Focal Point : Equipment Status

  • Real-time data
  • Maintenance information

2. Interactive Dashboard

  • Working status overview
  • Key information highlight

3. Management Scorecard

  • Usage rate
  • Power consumption
  • Total electricity expense

Field Side Monitoring

equipment edge visualization-1
  • Map view
  • Working status
  • Events/alerts

Reciprocating Compressor

equipment edge visualization-2
  • Working mode
  • Working hours

Screw Air Compressor

equipment edge visualization-3
  • Discharge information
  • Loading status

Event Center

equipment edge visualization-4
  • Error code & message
  • History record