PLC Technologies have aligned ourselves with these strategically aligned partners from around the world to bring you the best solutions various industries.

Digitalization and Dashboard Visualization for Smart Factory Management

Real-time Machine Availability Management for Maximizing Operational Excellence-

Centralized Monitoring and Data Management for Energy Efficiency Optimization

Visual OEE and Cross-Factory CNC Management Powered by Cloud Services

Real-time Data Acquisition and Visualization for Assembly Operation Optimization

Cloud-Based Real-Time Connection and Control Platform

Facilities Equipment Status Monitoring and Maintenance

Industry 4.0

The Future is Now with Industry 4.0! Complete Intelligent Factory Solutions

Maximizing Auto Part Productivity

Test and Measurement Technology for Quality Assurance

Enable Equipment Intelligence and Asset Management

Visualizing Structured IoT with Dashboards and Information display

Enjoy the Experience of a Public Cloud, with the Confidentiality of a Private Cloud

Use I.App building blocks to construct your own AIoT solutions