Wind Power Monitoring & PHM Solution

Optimized Operational Efficiency with IoT Edge Computing

With predictive analysis and intelligent diagnosis software for equipment operation and system management, Advantech’s Wind Turbine Monitoring and PHM Solution provides precise data acquisition, real-time monitoring, and intelligent operation management, thus achieving intelligent preventative maintenance to maximize the operational efficiency of wind turbines.

Software Diagram

System Architecture

Feature Highlights

Predictive Data Analysis

Precisely collect parameter data and perform wind farm monitoring in real time to enhance wind power generation efficiency

Accurate and Reliable Failure Diagnosis

Optimize security and reduce unanticipated failures to extend the life of wind turbine subsystems and components

Intelligent Prevention and Maintenance

Intelligent prognostics and health management extend operating lifetime and the wind turbine life cycle while minimizing unplanned maintenance, thus reducing total operating costs

Application Story

Smart Wind Farm Platform for O&M Management and Wind Power Prediction

  • Wind turbine health management and predictive diagnosis to prevent wind turbine failure and minimize downtime
  • Wind energy prediction to optimize production with more than 85% accuracy and compliance with grid regulations
  • Maintenance scheduling and resource planning optimization to reduce production loss and costs while improving turbine yield rate

Wind Turbine Remote and Vibration Monitoring Management

  • Monitor vibration information for each key component in real time
  • Identify failure modes at turbine substations with the exact damage location
  • Perform prognostics and health management on wind turbines in various remote locations
  • Improve the accuracy and reliability of diagnostics to aid strategic operational decision-making

SRP Visualization

Focal Point for Wind Turbine System Status Monitoring

  • Production efficiency failure diagnosis for individual wind turbines
  • Failure diagnosis and alert management

Interactive Dashboard for Wind Turbine Monitoring and PHM Solution

  • Main menu for quick selection

Management Scorecard

  • Daily wind turbine usage rate
  • Accumulated power generation output/loss ratio and grid dispatch compliance
  • Cost information with power factor efficiency

Status Overview of Individual Wind Turbine

  • Health status analysis of bearing unit, gearbox, and generator
  • Real-time condition monitoring and anomaly detection with SCADA time-series data
  • Diagnostic information and alert management

Wind Turbine Monitoring and PHM Solution Home Page

  • Wind farm geographical distribution map and operation status by color
  • Current status overview of individual wind turbines

Wind Farm Status Overview

  • Real-time analysis of key factors of overall wind farms
  • Identify at-risk and low-efficiency wind turbines

Production Management

  • 72-hour wind power prediction
  • Productivity and cause of power loss for individual wind turbines

Maintenance Management

  • Maintenance task scheduling with total cost optimization
  • Intuitive visualization of maintenance task planning and routes for mechanical maintenance