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Serial Port Combiners and Splitters

Evolved from traditional programmable logic controllers, Advantech’s programmable automation controllers (PAC) WISE-5000 Series and APAX series are PC-based automation control platforms designed for smart factory applications. WISE-5000 and APAX series PC-based controllers provide an open development environment. They are a single platform with multi-disciplined automation controller functionalities.

Our Serial port combiners and Serial ports splitters are used to either combine Serial data suchs as RS232/422 and RS485 or to split these lines into multiple data lines.


Serial Splitter, RS-232 modem, DB9 M and 2 x DB9 F


Data Tap, RS-232, DB9 M to DB9 F plus DB9 F Monitor


Serial Splitter, RS-232, DB25 Main and Data Ports


Serial Data Tap, RS-232, DB25 M to DB25 F plus DB25 F Monitor


Serial Repeater, RS-232 DB9 M/F, 8 lines


Serial Data Switch, RS-232, DB25 and DB9 Ports