MS300 Series

Our Delta MS300 series VFD is a standard compact vector control drive that inherits Delta’s superior drive technology. It supports both IM and PM motor control for application flexibility and provides STO safety mechanism. Also built-in various essential functions, including PLC capacity for simple programming needs, a communication slot for various communication cards, and a USB port to make data uploads and downloads fast and easy. Saving space, reducing setup and wiring time, while providing high efficiency and stability system —all included in the MS300 series with drive size reduced up to 40%.

MS300 Series (Standard Vector Control)
Delta ElectronicsVFD1A6MS21ANSAA200W230V
Delta ElectronicsVFD2A8MS21ANS400W230V
Delta ElectronicsVFD4A8MS21ANS750W230V
Delta ElectronicsVFD7A5MS21ANS1.5KW230V
Delta ElectronicsVFD1A5MS43AFS400W400V
Delta ElectronicsVFD2A7MS43AFS750W400V
Delta ElectronicsVFD4A2MS43AFS1.5KW400V
Delta ElectronicsVFD11AMS21ANS2.2KW400V
Delta ElectronicsVFD9A0MS43AFS3.7KW400V
Delta ElectronicsVFD13AMS43AFSAA5.5KW400V
Delta ElectronicsVFD17AMS43AFSAA7.5KW400V
Delta ElectronicsVFD25AMS43AFSAA11.0KW400V
Delta ElectronicsVFD32AMS43AFSAA15.0KW400V
Delta ElectronicsVFD38AMS43AFSAA18.5KW400V
Delta ElectronicsVFD45AMS43AFSAA22.0KW400V