ME300 Series

Our Delta ME300 Series VFD is a new generation compact vector control drive that inherits Delta’s superior drive technology, but with a 60% reduction in size. It supports both IM and PM motors, providing higher efficiency and flexibility. Various built-in essential functions are standard to reduce the need for additional expenses and to shorten installation time. The STO function is an option that prevents damage. With its user-friendly operation, ultra-compact size, quick installation, and flexible, durable design, the ME300 is your key to increased market competitiveness and greater success.

ME300 Series (Compact Vector Control)
Delta ElectronicsVFD1A6ME21ANN200W230V
Delta ElectronicsVFD2A8ME21ANN400W230V
Delta ElectronicsVFD4A8ME21ANN750W230V
Delta ElectronicsVFD7A5ME21ANN1.5KW230V
Delta ElectronicsVFD11AME21ANN2.2KW230V
Delta ElectronicsVFD1A5ME43ANN400W400V
Delta ElectronicsVFD2A7ME43ANN750W400V
Delta ElectronicsVFD4A2ME43ANN1.5KW400V
Delta ElectronicsVFD5A5ME43ANN2.2KW400V
Delta ElectronicsVFD9A0ME43ANN3.7KW400V
Delta ElectronicsVFD13AME43ANN5.5KW400V
Delta ElectronicsVFD17AME43ANN7.5KW400V