Our APC UPS has been the industry-standard for reliable power and physical IT infrastructure. Now the leading name in IT departments large and small and among our vast community of channel partners, their history of innovation has pushed their products into the global spotlight with infrastructure, management, and data security solutions protecting organisations around the world. PLC Technologies is proud of this partnership and continues to deliver the best sales and after sales support. We are also a certified service agent that can install, configure, commissioning and service all APC UPS systems.

Part #RatingVoltageRuntime
Smart-UPS Range
SRT1000XLI1000VA, 1000W230V5-7mins
SRT1000RMXLI1000VA, 1000W Rack Mount230V5-7mins
SRT1500XLI1500VA, 1500W230V5-7mins
SRT1500RMXLI1500VA, 1500W Rack Mount230V5-7mins
SRT2200XLI2200VA, 1980W 230V  230V 5-7mins
 SRT2200RMXLI2200VA, 1980W 230V Rack Mount  230V 5-7mins
SRT3000XLI3000VA, 2700W230V5-7mins
SRT3000RMXLI3000VA, 2700W 2U Rack Mount230V5-7mins
SRT5KXLI5000VA, 4500W230V5-7mins
SRT5KRMXLI5000VA, 4500W 3U Rack Mount230V5-7mins
SRT6KXLI6000VA, 6kW230V5-7mins
SRT6KRMXLI6000VA, 6kW Rackmount230V5-7mins
SRT8KXLI8000VA, 8kW 230V230V5-7mins
SRT8KRMXLI8000VA, 8kW 6U Rack Mount230V5-7mins
SRT10KXLI10000VA, 10kW230V5mins
SRT10KRMXLI10000VA, 10kW Rack Mount 230V5mins
SURT15KRMXLI15kVA, 12kW, 12U Rack Mount230V5mins
SURT20KRMXL20kVA, 16kW, 12U Rack Mount230V5mins