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Meissner MP103 UPS, (3KVA), 10-15min, 230VAC

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The UPS0034INTEL series incorporates a microprocessor design using advanced high frequency pulse width modulated (PWM) techniques. The results is a compact, low component count UPS providing unequaled reliability and performance with very low noise levels. The MP103 is packaged in an aesthetically pleasing cabinet with standard batteries for the 3KVA and 5KVA units housed withing the UPS cabinet. A separate matching battery cabinet is available for extended run-times. The MP103 range is a true on-line design incorporating a static bypass switch as standard. In addition to this manual make-before-break switch is also provided for additional system reliability and ease of maintenance. The alarms and the on/off switch are incorporated into the front fascia of the unit. Standard protection is provided to reduce possible damage caused by lightning strikes.

Part Number UPS0034INTEL
Manufacturer Meissner
Model MP103
Output Rating 3KVA (2.4KW)
Battery Run-time 10-15 mins
Type Transformer-Based
Input Voltage 230VAC
Output Voltage 230VAC
Expandable Yes
Power Factor 0.8
Efficiency 84%
Battery Type Lead Acid Maintenance Free
Battery Lifetime 3-5 Years
Operating Temperature -40 to +70ºC
Dimensions (H) 625 x (W) 260 x (D) 620
Weight 100kg (UPS Only)

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