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Delta Electronics, DVP-SS2 PLC, 24VDC, 8DI, 6DO (NPN), Serial

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Our DVP14SS211T programmable logic controller is Delta Electronics’ second generation of slimline industrial PLCs in the DVP-SS Series. It features high speed counters, a flexible serial port, real-time monitoring and an expansion bus that allows matching modules to be mounted on the right side of the PLC without external wiring. The DVP14SS211T supports PID loops with automatic tuning for process control applications. The transistor outputs allow high speed pulse generation for servo or stepper motor motion control applications.

Part Number DVP14SS211T
Manufacturer Delta Electronics
Model DVP-SS2 Series
Input Voltage 24VDC
Digital Inputs 8
Digital Outputs 6 (NPN)
Expandable Yes
Communication Serial
Programming Software Free (ISP Soft/WPL Soft)

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