Order Issues

Placing a order with us is easy, but sometimes there is a issue with a order for whatever reason. PLC Technologies is here to assit you with your order issue. See our FAQ below or contact us and one of our our friendly team members will assist you.

Shopping at PLC Technologies is easy.

You can place a order online, or you could send us a purchase order for the required products.

How can I cancel my order?

If you have received your order confirmation but not yet paid for your order, then you can request a cancellation. Contact us to cancel your order and a friendly team member will be in contact with you.

Why have you cancelled my order?

Most often, order cancellations result from our supplier running short on stock unexpectedly. While we make every effort to make sure our stock information is accurate when you place an order, occasionally this can happen. If we’ve had to cancel your order, we’ll credit your account with the value of your order as soon as possible.

Can I make changes to my order after I have placed it?

It’s not possible to add or remove items from an order once you’ve received your payment confirmation email. Items can be returned to us after your order has been delivered by following our returns process, as long as your order falls within our Returns Policy. If you’d like to buy additional items you can place a new order.

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