MVF23DD140NNSS - Delta Electronics, MVF23, 1250KW, 6.6kV, 140A

Our Delta MVF23DD140NNSS series is a highly integrated and high-performing variable-frequency device for general-purpose motor control applications. Medium voltage VFD drives in general can save an average of 40% of the electricity a motor uses as well as reduce related CO2 emissions. It provides excellent variable-speed control for relevant system fans, pumps, and compressors. The MVF23DD140NNSS was designed to save energy, increase efficiency and reduce operating costs in a wide range of applications in the Mining Minerals, Metals, Power, Renewable Energy, Water-Wastewater, Petrochemical, Oil and Gas industries. Both the MVF23 and MVF20 series require no rear or side entry to perform repairs or maintenance which means the solution can be installed against walls or placed back-to-back to optimise space. PLC Technologies is a leading provider of Medium Voltage VFD drives from 160KW to 5600KW.

  • System voltage: 3.3–6.6 kV ±10%
  • Motor shaft power range: 135–2115 kW
  •  UPS for control supply back-up (30min standard)
  • System design: Diode rectifier/IGBT inverter
  • Requires no rear or side entry to perform repairs or maintenance
  • Motor cable entry is possible from the top or bottom
  • Control power: Single-phase 220 VAC; 5 kVA
  • System efficiency: >98.5% (at rated; excluding transformer)
  • Power factor: >0.96 (at rated)
  • Overload capacity: 110% 1 min/10 min
  • Cooling method: Forced air cooling
  • Human-machine interface: 7 inches, multi-language touch screen
  • Communication method: Modbus RTU
  • IP rating: IP31
  • Fitted motor type: induction motor: squirrel cage motor and wound motor, synchronous motor: brushed excited motor
MVF20 / MVF23 Series
Input Voltage3.3kV, 6.6kV, 11kV (other voltages available on request)
Input voltage tolerance-10% ∼ -10% continuous (±5% from transformer tap)
-30% ∼ -10% continuous operation at reduced power
Rated line frequency50/60 Hz ±2%
Frequency variationUp to ±2%
Output frequency range0.5 ∼ 75Hz
Control voltageSingle phase 220VAC (default)
Option with single phase 600, 480, 400, 347, 277, 240, 208 or 120 Vac
Fan power supplyFan power is supplied from the auxiliary winding of the phase-shifting transformer
Input current THDTHD < 5% at full load and rated speed (IEEE519-1992)
Input power factor> 0.96 at full load and rated speed
Efficiency98.5% at rated speed and rated input voltage, excluding transformer
≥ 96.5% at rated speed and load
Output voltage0 to 3.3kV, 0 to 6.6kV, 0 to 11kV
Rectification configuration18 Pulse (3.3kV) / 36 Pulse (6.6kV) / 54 Pulse (11kV)
Output current36A, 70A, 100A, 140A, 215A, 250A, 350A up to 720A max
Output power rangeMVF20: 530kW – 11000kW
MVF23: 160kW – 2000kW
Auto restart (powerloss)Yes
Output voltage THDMulti-level output voltage waveform (near sinusoidal waveform)
Low output voltage THD
Motor typeInduction motor (squirrel cage, slip-ring motor)
Synchronous motor (with brush and exciter system)
Motor cable length< 500m (no filter) > 500 < 2000m (du/dt filter)
Overload output current110% overload for 1 min every 10 min (ND)
150% overload for 1 min every 10 min (HD)
Transformer typeFull Cu, Dry type phase-shifting transformer
Transformer insulationClass H
IP RatingIP42
System coolingForced air cooling
System accessibilityFront access – No rear or side entry required for any repair or maintenance work
Storage conditionHumidity 5% to 95% without condensation (-40°C to +70°C ambient)
Operational ambient temperature0°C ∼ +40°C (standard) 0°C ∼ +50°C (optional)
Operational humidity≤ 95% non-condensing
Altitude<1000m normal operation (>1000m derated)
Control methodsScalar control (VF), Vector control with sensor (VC), Sensorless vector control (SLVC)
Speed control rangeVF: NA; VC: 1% ∼ 100%; SLVC: 5% ∼ 100%
Speed control resolution (steady-state)VF: NA; VC: ±0.1% (depends on encoder resolution); SLVC: ±0.5%
Frequency setting resolution0.01 Hz
Operation interface10″ multi-language TFT touch screen
CommunicationEtherNet/IP (Standard), Modbus RTU, ProfiNet, DeviceNet, Profibus DP (Optional)
Other accessoriesInput surge arrester & output filter (du/dt)
Paint colourRAL7035 (standard), other colours on request
Analog I/OStandard Inputs: 0∼10V/4∼20mA (2 Sets Expandable) Standard Outputs: 0∼10V/4∼20mA (4 Sets Expandable)
Digital I/OStandard Inputs: Dry contact type (7 sets Expandable) Standard Outputs: Dry cotact type (9 sets Expandable)
SafetyMechanical key, interlock (standard), Fibre-optic firing, Conformally coated boards
Standard certificationIEC, CE, GOST, GB, UL, IEEE
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