Meissner Brand Medium

Meissner manufactures UPS Systems from 3KVA to 125KVA in South Africa. The MP100, MP200 and MP3000 range of uninterruptible power supplies are transformer-based systems, that absorb high inrush currents when computer based UPS systems just cannot stand up to harsh and tough environments. Sizes from 1KVA to 125KVA are available in single phase and three phase options with extendable battery run-times. Meissner uninterruptible power supplies are designed specifically for the Automotive, Casino’s, Data centers, Hospitals, Mining, Manufacturing, IT Infrastructure, Food & Beverage, Petroleum, Industrial applications, and other large projects. PLC Technologies is a leading suppler for Meissner in South Africa and Africa.

MP100 Range


3KVA to 5KVA

  • 3KVA (MP103)
  • 5KVA (MP105)

MP200 Range


8KVA to 30KVA

  • 8KVA (MP208)
  • 10KVA (MP210)
  • 15KVA (MP215)
  • 20KVA (MP220)
  • 25KVA (MP225)
  • 30KVA (MP230)

MP3000 MK2


10KVA to 30KVA

  • 10KVA (MP3010
  • 15KVA (MP3015)
  • 20KVA (MP3020)
  • 30KVA (MP3030)

MP3000 Sentinel

MP3000 Sentinel

40KVA to 125KVA

  • 40KVA (MP3040)
  • 60KVA (MP3060)
  • 80KVA (MP3080)
  • 100KVA (MP3100)
  • 125KVA (MP3125)
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