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FAW Logo SmallOur FAW Generators are commonly used as stand-by or prime power generators in the Industrial or Commercial markets. They are similar in quality, but slightly less costly than other brands like Cummins and Perkins. FAW Generators are known for their reliable engines, which are derived from Volvo – the largest manufacturer of Diesel engines in the world. PLC Technologies offers a range of sizes to fit most requirements. We can also supply these generators any were in South Africa or Africa with canopies, automatic change over to mains panels. These generators can also be supplied on trailers for mobile applications. All generators are serviced and supported by our internal and field services support teams. Spares are easily available in the event of a unexpected breakdown.

When we considered who to partner with, we knew we needed to find like minded companies with a passion for distribution and a dedication to improving business. FAW Quality Partners are carefully chosen to meet our vision and deliver quality of service. PLC Technologies was chosen for their enthusiasm for business and technology, with a group of highly skilled staff fully dedicated to helping clients succeed by delivering business value solutions. PLC Technologies offers the type of service and experience that FAW needed to drive real results in the distribution industry. We believe PLC Technologies helps their clients make the best choices in technology, which is something FAW is passionate about. Hence PLC Technologies was chosen to become an FAW business partner. PLC Technologies is a Authorised FAW Distributor.

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