MP3000 Series

Our Meissner MP3000 Series UPS systems are available in sizes ranging from 10KVA to 125KVA, and was designed specifically for harsh and rugged environments such as the Automotive, Mining and Industrial applications. The MP3000 range of  UPS’s are transformer-based, true on-line backup power supplies that incorporate a static bypass switch as standard. In addition to this a manual make-break-switch is also provided for additional system reliability and ease of maintenance. The alarms and the on/off switch on the UPS is incorporated into the front facia of the unit. Standard protection is provided to reduce possible damage caused by lightning strikes. MP range UPS’s are packaged in a aesthetically pleasing cabinet with standard batteries housed within the UPS cabinet. A separate matching battery cabinet is available for extended run-times. PLC Technologies is proud of this partnership and continues to deliver the best sales and after sales support. We are also a certified service agent that can install, configure, commissioning and service all Meissner systems.

Part #RatingVoltageRuntime
MP3010 Range – 10KVA
UPS3010110KVA400V/400V10-13 mins
UPS3010210KVA400V/400V20-25 mins
UPS3010310KVA400V/400V30-38 mins
UPS3010410KVA400V/400V45-60 mins
UPS3010510KVA400V/400V70-90 mins
UPS3010610KVA400V/400V120-150 mins
UPS3010710KVA400V/400V180-240 mins
MP3015 Range – 15KVA
UPS3015115KVA400V/400V7-9 mins
UPS3015215KVA400V/400V10-13 mins
UPS3015315KVA400V/400V20-25 mins
UPS3015415KVA400V/400V30-38 mins
UPS3015515KVA400V/400V45-60 mins
UPS3015615KVA400V/400V60-80 mins
UPS3015715KVA400V/400V90-120 mins
MP3020 Range – 20KVA
UPS3020120KVA400V/400V8-18 mins
UPS3020220KVA400V/400V12-15 mins
UPS3020320KVA400V/400V17-22 mins
UPS3020420KVA400V/400V25-33 mins
UPS3020520KVA400V/400V35-45 mins
UPS3020620KVA400V/400V60-80 mins
MP3030 Range – 30KVA
UPS303030 KVA400V/400VZERO
UPS3030INTBATT130 KVA400V/400V10-13 mins
UPS3030230 KVA400V/400V15-20 mins
UPS3030330 KVA400V/400V24-32 mins
UPS3030430 KVA400V/400V38-50 mins
UPS3030530 KVA400V/400V60-80 mins
MP3040 Range – 40KVA
UPS3040140KVA400V/400V10-13 mins
UPS3040240KVA400V/400V15-20 mins
UPS3040340KVA400V/400V24-32 mins
UPS3040440KVA400V/400V38-50 mins
UPS3040540KVA400V/400V60-80 mins
MP3060 Range- 60KVA
UPS3060160KVA400V/400V8-10 mins
UPS3060260KVA400V/400V10-13 mins
UPS3060360KVA400V/400V28-35 mins
UPS3060460KVA400V/400V45-55 mins
MP3080 Range – 80KVA
UPS3080180KVA400V/400V16-20 mins
UPS3080280KVA400V/400V22-28 mins
MP3100 Range – 100KVA
UPS31001100KVA400V/400V9-12 mins
UPS31002100KVA400V/400V15-20 mins
UPS31003100KV400V/400V17-23 mins
UPS31004100KVA400V/400V28-35 mins
MP3125 Range – 125KVA
UPS31251125KVA400V/400V20-25 mins
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