UPS Systems

UPS Systems from 1KVA to 5MVA

Our UPS Systems provides backup emergency power to a load when the input power source or mains power fails, and allows for the safe shutdown of electrical equipment. UPS systems are designed to protect mission-critical IT equipment, data center installations, high-end servers, large telecom installations and storage applications, and advanced network equipment from damage caused by a power blackout, voltage sag, voltage surge, over voltage, voltage spike, frequency noise, frequency variation, or harmonic distortion. With one of the most comprehensive product offerings available on the market today, we are an industry leader and globally recognized provider of technologically advanced power quality solutions for computer rooms, network closets, server rooms, and large data centers.

If you are unsure which UPS Manufacturer or product might be best for you, or you would like to discuss your particular power problem, please contact us. We can provide the technical assistance you need to select the proper UPS System for your needs.

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