Royal Series

Royal series batteries use specially alloyed calcium-lead, which leads to deficient levels of “electrolyte decrease”. Therefore, supplement distilled water is not needed if the charging system remains error-free. Special liquid-gas separators keep the electrolyte inside. An electrolyte is any substance containing free ions that behave as an electrically conductive medium. These separators are also used between a lead acid battery’s positive and negative plates. PLC Technologies is the largest supplier of Royal Series batteries in a wide variety of size from 26AH to 100AH, Deep Cycle, Lead Acid and more.

Part #RatingVoltageDesign Life
NT5026AH12VDC5 Years
NS4035AH12VDC5 Years
NS6045AH12VDC5 Years
NS7065AH12VDC5 Years
1150K105AH12VDC5 Years
DC2470AH12VDC5 Years
DC2780AH12VDC5 Years
DC31100AH12VDC5 Years
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