UPS Batteries

UPS Batteries from 7AH to 105AH

Our UPS Batteries are used to supply battery power to uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) in the event of a power loss or failure. There are three main types of UPS batteries that we provide — Valve Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA) batteries, Flooded Cell (VLA) batteries and Lithium Ion batteries. Each type of battery has preferred uses in specific types of environments. Though each battery will perform optimal in their respective applications, all batteries (no matter which ones you choose) will decrease in ability to store and deliver power over time. Even if you follow all guidelines for their storage, maintenance and usage, your UPS batteries will need to be replaced on a schedule to optimize their performance.

PLC Technologies have a partnered with leading battery suppliers from around the world to provide a wide variety of approved top quality VRLA batteries from 7AH to 200AH to the industry.

Product Categories

7-100AH (3 Year)


9-100AH (10 Year)


7-18AH (6-8 years)

33-200AH (10 Year)

100-200AH (10 Year)
100-200AH (5 Year)
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