Solar Charge Controllers

Regulate the flow of Power with our Solar Charge Controllers

Our Solar Charge Controllers are small robust devices that gives you the ability to regulate the flow of solar power from your solar panels to the inverter input. We have two different models available: The PWM and the MPPT solar charge controllers. The Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) solar charge controller is for off-grid solar system, such as home system, traffic system, CCTV system, street light, garden lights, parking area, and bus station. It adopts the most advanced digital technique and operates fully automatically. The Pulse Width Modulation battery charging can greatly increase the lifetime of battery. The MPPT (maximum power point tracking) solar charge controller is an intelligent, efficient, high-speed solar charge controller with advanced maximum power point tracking algorithm, which can harvest the maximum power from the solar array to charge batteries. I can be applied for flexible such as off-grid PV systems.

iT MPPT Series Solar Charge Controller
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