DVP32ES200RE - Delta, PLC, DVP Series, 16DI, 16DO, Relay

The Delta DVP32ES200RE programmable logic controller (PLC), is a compact highly efficient, functional instrument with incorporated communication capabilities, advantages such as built-in convenient commands offer easy access to operation and communication function monitoring.

  • Adopts 32-bit CPU
  • DIN rail mounting or chassis mount
  • Plug-in termination
  • Program capacity: 16k steps
  • Data register: 10k Words
  • Built-in communication ports (1 x RS232 and 2 x RS485)
  • Built-in high speed inputs (2 x 200kHz and 6 x 10kHz) supports U/D, U/Dir, A/B counting modes
  • New motion control instructions: close loop control, alignment mark, shield etc.
  • Exclusive instructions and function blocks designed for PV solar tracker
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