DVP10MC11T - Delta, PLC, DVP Series, 8DI, 4DO, Motion Controller

The Delta DVP10MC11T programmable logic controller (PLC), is Delta Electronics’ 2nd generation DVP-SS2 series slim type PLC keeps the basic sequential control functions from the DVP-SS series PLC but with faster execution speed and enhanced real-time monitoring capability.

  • MPU Points: 14 Points (8DI 6DO) expandable to 494 I/O points
  • Program Capacity: 8 Steps
  • Data Register: 5K Word
  • Built-in RS232 AND rs485 ports – Supports Modbus ASCII/RTU protocol
  • Supports PID auto-tuning and saves parameters automatically
  • Supports DVP-S series left-side (high-speed) expansion modules
  • 4 sets of 10kHz pulse output
  • 8 sets of high-speed counters (4 x 20kHz and 4 x 10kHz)
  • Compact dimensions (H) 90 mm x (D) 60 mm DIN rail mounting
Digital Expansion Modules
DVP08SM11N24VDC8DIExtension Module
DVP16SM11N24VDC16DIExtension Module
DVP32SM11N24VDC32DIExtension Module
DVP06SN11R24VDC6DORelay (6A)
DVP06SN11R24VDC8DORelay (1.2A)
DVP08SN11T24VDC8DOTransistor (NPN)
DVP16SN11T24VDC16DOTransistor (NPN)
DVP16SN11TS24VDC16DOTransistor (PNP)
DVP32SN11TN24VDC32DOTransistor (NPN)
DVP08SP11T24VDC4DI4DOTransistor (NPN)
DVP16SP11T24VDC8DI8DOTransistor (NPN)
DVP16SP11TS24VDC8DI8DOTransistor (PNP)
Analog Expansion Modules
DVP04AD-S224VDC4AIAnalog Expansion Module
DVP06DA-S224VDC6AIAnalog Expansion Module
DVP04DA-S224VDC4AOAnalog Expansion Module
DVP06XA-S224VDC4AI2AOAnalog Expansion Module
Temperature Measurement Modules
DVP04PT-S24VDC4IRTD Temp Module, PT100/1000
DVP06PT-S24VDC6IRTD Temp Module, PT100/1000
DVP04TC-S24VDC4IThermocouple Temp Module (J,K,R,S,T)
Position Control Modules
DVP01PU-S24VDCSingle Axiz200kHzServo Position Control
Load Cell Modules
DVP201LC-SL24VDC1Load Cell Input Module
DVP211LC-SL24VDC11Load Cell Input Module
DVP202LC-SL24VDC2Load Cell Input Module
Communication Modules
DVOEN01-SL24VDCEthernet Communication Module
Power Supply Modules
DVPPS0124VDC1A, 85-240VAC to 24VDC
DVPPS0224VDC2A, 85-240VAC to 24VDC
DVPPS0524VDC5A, 85-240VAC to 24VDC
Accessories, Cables & Software
UC-PRG020-12A8-pinmini-DIN + Female DB9 connector to USB (type A)
DVPPCC01Program-data backup memory card
ISPsoftPLC editing Software for DVP Series PLC
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