DOP-107BV - Delta, DOP-100 Series, 7″, Basic Panel, No Ethernet

  • High Flash and SDRAM memory
  • Supports CF memory card – Ethernet (certain models)
  • Multimedia stereo sound effect output (certain models)
  • RS232/485/422, USB disk, Ethernet, SD card are supported for various applications
  • Full 65536-colour, enhanced resolution for more realistic images and colourful, vivid display

The Delta DOP-107BV Human Machine Interface (HMI), adopts the latest Cortex-A8 / Dual Core high-speed processor and 65,536 color LCD screen with high brightness and contrast. In addition, they are equipped with the HMI programming software DOPSoft 4.0 and built-in Lua editor for easy programming as well as alarm / history log / user authority functions for highly efficient management. With advanced communication capabilities and enhanced functions, the DOP-100 Series elevates machine efficiency to bring more value to our customers, and to achieve “Automation for a Changing World”