PLC Controllers

Our PLC Controllers or Programmable Logic Controllers are industrial computer control system that continuously monitors the state of input devices and makes decisions based upon a custom program to control the state of output devices. The programmable logic controller performs functions that formerly required relays, solid-state electronics, or mini computers. Almost any production line, machine function, or process can be greatly enhanced using this type of control system. However, the biggest benefit in using a programmable logic controller is the ability to change and replicate the operation or process while collecting and communicating vital information. Another advantage of a Programmable Logic Control system is that it is modular. That is, you can mix and match the types of Input and Output devices to best suit your application.

Part #VoltageDescriptionExpandable
Slim Type PLC
DVP14SS211R24VDC8DI, 6DO RelayYes
DVP14SS211T24VDC8DI, 6D0 Transistor (NPN)Yes
DVP14SS211S24VDC8DI, 6DO Transistor (PNP)Yes
DVP12SA211R24VDC8DI, 4DO, RelayYes
DVP12SA211T24VDC8DI, 4DO, TransistorYes
DVP12SE11R24VDC8DI, 4DO, Relay, EthernetYes
DVP12SE11T24VDC8DI, 4DO, Transistor, EthernetYes
DVP10SX11R24VDC4DI, 2DO, 2AI, 2AO, RelayYes
DVP20SX211R24VDC8DI, 6DO, 4AI, 2AO, RelayYes
DVP20SX211T24VDC16DI, 12DO, Transistor (NPN)Yes
DVP20SX211S24VDC16DI, 12DO, Transistor (PNP)Yes
Motion Control PLC (DVP Series)
DVP10MC11T24VDC8DI, 4DO, Motion ControllerYes
Block Type PLC (ES2 Series)
DVP20ES200RE230VAC12DI, 8DO, RelayYes
DVP20ES200TE230VAC12DI, 8DO, TransistorYes
DVP32ES200RE230VAC16DI, 16DO, RelayYes
DVP32ES200TE230VAC16DI, 16DO, TransistorYes
DVP40ES200RE230VAC Yes
DVP40ES200TE230VAC24DI, 16DO, TransistorYes
DVP60ES200RE230VAC32DI, 24DO, RelayYes
DVP60ES200TE230VAC32DI, 24DO, TransistorYes
MID-Range PLC (AS200 Series)
AS228R-A24VDC16DI, 12DO, RelayYes
AS228T-A24VDC16DI, 12DO, Transistor (NPN)Yes
AS228P-A24VDC16DI, 12DO, Transistor (PNP)Yes
AS218TX-A24VDC8DI, 6DO, 2AI, 2AO, Transistor (NPN)Yes
AS218RX-A24VDC8DI, 6DO, 2AI, 2AO, RelayYes
AS218PX-A24VDCAS200, 8DI, 6DO, 2AI, 2AO, Transistor (PNP)Yes
MID-Range (AS300 Series)
AS300N-A24VDCNo Onboard IOYes
AS320T-B24VDC8DI, 12DO, Transistor (NPN)Yes
AS320P-B24VDC8DI, 12DO, Transistor (PNP)Yes
AS324MT-A24VDC12DI, 12DO, Transistor (Differential)Yes
AS332T-A24VDC16DI, 16DO, Transistor (NPN)Yes
AS332P-A24VDC16DI, 16DO, Transistor (PNP)Yes
High-Performance PLC (AH500 Series)
AHCPU510-EN24VDC1280 I/O, 64K Steps, EthernetYes
AHCPU511-EN24VDC1280 I/O, 96K Steps, EthernetYes
AHCPU521-EN24VDC2304 I/O, 192K Steps, EthernetYes
AHCPU531-EN24VDC4352 I/O, 384K Steps, EthernetYes