Medium Voltage VFD

Our Medium Voltage VFD Drives can save an average of 40% of the electricity a motor uses as well as reduce related CO2 emissions. Since industry accounts for one-third of the world’s electricity consumption and electric motors consume 65% of industrial electricity in regions such as the EU, the potential global energy savings from a wider use of drives would be substantial. For an industrial enterprise drives can reduce energy costs, minimize wear on motors and other equipment, and reduce maintenance costs. For factories, buildings, and utilities, Delta’s MVD1000 & MVD2000 medium voltage drive can save energy significantly.

BrandInput VoltageRatingCurrent
MVFD1000 Series (General VFD), MVFD2000 Series (Speed & Torque Control), MVFD3000 Series (Vector Control)
Delta Electronics3.3kV28050
Delta Electronics3.3kV40070
Delta Electronics3.3kV680120
Delta Electronics3.3kV1080190
Delta Electronics3.3kV1420250
Delta Electronics3.3kV1740305
Delta Electronics3.3kV2280400
Delta Electronics3.3kV2850500
Delta Electronics4.16kV36050
Delta Electronics4.16kV50070
Delta Electronics4.16kV860120
Delta Electronics4.16kV1360190
Delta Electronics4.16kV1800250
Delta Electronics4.16kV2190305
Delta Electronics4.16kV2880400
Delta Electronics4.16kV3600500
Delta Electronics6kV52050
Delta Electronics6kV72070
Delta Electronics6kV1240120
Delta Electronics6kV1970190
Delta Electronics6kV2590250
Delta Electronics6kV3170305
Delta Electronics6kV4150400
Delta Electronics6kV5190500
Delta Electronics6.6kV57050
Delta Electronics6.6kV80070
Delta Electronics6.6kV1370120
Delta Electronics6.6kV2170190
Delta Electronics6.6kV2850250
Delta Electronics6.6kV3480305
Delta Electronics6.6kV4570400
Delta Electronics6.6kV5710500
Delta Electronics10kV86050
Delta Electronics10kV121070
Delta Electronics10kV2070120
Delta Electronics10kV3290190
Delta Electronics10kV4330250
Delta Electronics10kV5280305
Delta Electronics10kV6920400
Delta Electronics10kV8660500
Delta Electronics11kV95050
Delta Electronics11kV133070
Delta Electronics11kV2280120
Delta Electronics11kV3620190
Delta Electronics11kV4670250
Delta Electronics11kV5810305
Delta Electronics11kV7620400
Delta Electronics11kV9520500