Industrial PoE Switches

Advantech’s Industrial PoE switches and solutions provide multiple switch ports with PoE injector functionality with up to 30W per port for powering IEEE802.3af/at-compliant devices (PD) via an Ethernet cable, eliminating the need for additional wiring. With PoE injector support, all ports are available to contribute to delivering a centralized power supply for automation applications.

Part#PortsTypeTemp. Range
EKI-7708G-4FPI4G+4SFPUnmanagedWide Temp.
EKI-2726FHPI4+2 Giga w/4 802.3atUnmanagedStandard
EKI-2706E-1GFP4FE+1GE+1G SFPUnmanagedStandard
EKI-2706E-1GFPI4FE+1GE+1G SFPUnmanagedWide Temp.
EKI-2706G-1GFPI5GE+1G SFPUnmanagedWide Temp.
EKI-2712G-4FPI8GE + 4SFPUnmanagedWide Temp.
EKI-7710G-2CP8G + 2GManagedStandard
EKI-7710G-2CPI8G + 2GManagedWide Temp.
EKI-7712G-4FP8G + 4SFPUnmanagedStandard
EKI-7712G-4FPI8G + 4SFPUnmanagedWide Temp.
EKI-7428G-4CPI 24G+4GManagedWide Temp.
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