B+B Smartworx Overview

B+B SmartWorx designs, builds, and delivers connectivity and communication solutions optimized for an ever-expanding range of applications. We help meet specific needs with simple, custom tailored answers that are optimized for rugged reliability. We'll help you connect and network-enable your legacy equipment. We'll help you extend wireless connections to the edge of your network. We'll help you embed connectivity in your OEM products. Whatever you need to do, B+B SmartWorx has the knowledge, the expertise and the technology platform to ensure you're making the right connections.

Partnering with B+B Smartworx

When we considered who to partner with, we knew we needed to find likeminded companies with a passion for distribution and a dedication to improving business. B+B Smartworx Quality Partners are carefully chosen to meet our vision and deliver quality of service. PLC Technologies was chosen for their enthusiasm for business and technology, with a group of highly skilled staff fully dedicated to helping clients succeed by delivering business value solutions. PLC Technologies offers the type of service and experience that B+B Smartworx needed to drive real results in the distribution industry. We believe PLC Technologies helps their clients make the best choices in technology, which is something B+B Smartworx is passionate about. Hence PLC Technologies was chosen to become an B+B Smartworx business partner. PLC Technologies is a Authorised B+B Smartworx Distributor.