BB-232LPTTL33 - Serial Converter, RS-232 DB9 F / 3.3 V TTL DB9 M, Port Powered

The BB-232LPTTL33, 4-channel TTL/CMOS converter, makes easy connections between TTL equipment and RS-232 ports and operates at data rates up to 115.2 kbps. It converts two channels (TX and RX) in each direction (bi-directional) from TTL to RS-232. Model 232LPTTL converts RS-232 to 5VDC TTL/CMOS competitive levels. Two channels convert from RS-232 to TTL/CMOS signals and two channels  convert from TTL/CMOS signals to RS-232. The 232LPTTL converter supports TD, RD, RTS, and CTS. DB9S female connector on the RS-232 side. DB9P male connector on the TTL/CMOS side. The converter is powered from the RS-232 data and handshake lines, whether the lines are high or low. Use this converter with almost any micro-controller or programmable logic controller (PLC) that supports TTL.

  • Converts 2 channels in each direction from RS-232 to 3.3 V TTL
  • Up to 115.2 Kbps
  • Port Powered from the RS-232 data/handshake lines
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