BB-232BSS4 - Serial Data Switch, RS-232, DB25 and DB9 Ports

The BB-232BSS4 serial data switch provides communication to four devices from one serial port. Each port contains a dedicated UART and an 8K byte Transmit and Receive buffer, allowing each port’s data rate, data format, and protocol to be configured independently. The Master port can send and receive data from one Slave port while the other Slave ports continue to buffer data. The Master can also broadcast the same message to two or more Slave ports at once. The switch can also be configured to send data automatically to the Master port from each of the Slave ports when data is present with an optional preamble identifying the port. It can also provide two-way communications between the Master port and one Slave port at a time. Switching and control is accomplished through user defined three or four character command strings. These control sequences are stripped from the data stream, making the switch transparent to the Slave devices. Switches can be cascaded to expand the 232BSS4 to more than four ports. Two units can also be used back-to-back to provide automatic connection between devices over a single data channel. LEDs indicate when the unit is powered up and which port is selected to send data to the Master port. Setup software is provided on the included CD and is compatible with Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, and Vista. A 12VDC power supply with a 2.5mm (positive tip) phone jack is required (not included, sold separately). The Master port is a DB25 female connector configured as DCE. This provides a direct connection to an IBM PC compatible or other DTE device. When connecting the Master port to a modem, the Master port of another 232BSS4, or other device configured as DCE, a null modem adapter is required. Slave ports are DB9 male connectors configured as DTE for direct connection to a modem or other DCE device. When connecting the Slave ports to a PC compatible or other DTE device, a null modem adapter is required. Data Format: 7 or 8 Data bits, Even, Odd, or No Parity (Master does not support 7 Data bits with no parity), 1 Stop bit (fixed).

  • Communicate with four devices from one serial port
  • 8 KB Transmit and Receive buffer
  • Each port can be independently configured
  • RS-232 data rates up to 115.2 kbps
  • Power supply required, not included, sold separately
  • Setup software for Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP and Vista
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