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IoT Wireless IO

Advantech’s new IoT Wireless IO Modules leverage Wi-Fi, to provide high-performance modularized wireless sensor nodes that can be easily integrated into existing networks. Aimed at industrial applications, WISE-4220 IoT Wireless IO Modules feature an internal sensor for collecting and logging environment data that can be wirelessly transmitted to a server or cloud applications using the MQTT protocol or RESTful web services.

WISE-40124AI/2DO 2.4G WiFi IoT Industrial Wireless I/O Module
WISE-4012E2.4G WiFi IoT Wireless I/O Developer Kit with WebAccess
WISE-4050CIRCUIT BOARD, 4-ch DI and 4-ch DO IoT Wireless I/O Module
WISE-4051CIRCUIT BOARD, 8-ch DI IoT Wireless I/O Module with RS-485
WISE-4060CIRCUIT BOARD, 4-ch DI and 4-ch Relay IoT Wireless I/O Module
WISE-42202.4G WiFi IoT Wireless Modular I/O
WISE-4220-S2312.4G WiFi IoT with Temperature & Humidity
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