Thin Clients

Industrial Thin Clients from 5.7" to 21.5"

Our Industrial thin clients are specifically engineered to resist dust and debris, as well as other environmental factors like extreme temperatures, shock and vibration, and feature fully fanless and ventless enclosures that protect internal components from damage while still keeping them cool. These rugged thin clients also feature specialized I/O for the various displays, peripherals and supporting equipment required in many commercial applications.

Product Categories

Part #SizeDescription
TPC-651T5.7″TFT LED LCD Intel® Atom™
TPC-1051WP10″WXGA TFT LED LCD Intel® Atom™
TPC-1251T12.1″TFT LED LCD Intel® Atom™
TPC-1551T15″XGA TFT LED LCD Intel® Atom™
TPC-1551WP15.6″WXGA TFT LED LCD Intel® Atom™
TPC1551TE3BE1901-T15″XGA TFT LED LCD Thin-Client Terminal with Intel® Celeron® J1900
TPC-1751T17″SXGA TFT LED LCD Intel® Atom™ Processor
TPC-1840WP18.5″WXGA TFT LCD Multi-Touch Panel Computer with AMD Processor
TPC-2140WP21.5″Full HD TFT LCD Touch Panel Computer with AMD Dual-core Processor
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