DTM Series

Delta Electronics - DTM Series Modular Temperature Controllers

To meet the increasing complexity of temperature control applications, Delta introduces the Multi-channel Modular Temperature Controller DTM Series. The DTM Series consists of a host, measurement modules, I/O extension modules, and extension cassettes. A fully extended DTM group consists of a host plus 7 measurement modules and 8 I/O extension modules for up to 64 points of temperature control. Several DTM groups can even be connected via RS-485 or Ethernet for temperature control of up to 1,000 points or more. Data collection by the host and complete isolation between channels help to improve communication speed and stability. It also allows user-defined communication addresses.From hardware to software, the DTM’s intuitive design enables beginners to setup and operate it easily. It is an ideal solution for advanced and complex temperature control applications.

Part #SizeDescription
DTMR044 ChannelRS-485, Host Controller, 24VDC
DTMR088 ChannelRS-485, Host Controller, 24VDC
DTMER044 ChannelRS-485+Ethernet, Host Controller, 24VDC
DTMER088 ChannelRS-485+Ethernet, Host Controller, 24VDC
Measurement Modules
DTMN044 ChannelMeasurement Module
DTMN048 ChannelMeasurement Module
Extension Cassettes for Measurement Modules (Above)
DTM-BDV4 Channel0/12V Pulse (Plug-in)
DTM-BDR4 Channel2A Relay Contact (Plug-in)
DTM-BDC4 Channel4-20mA Output (Plug-in)
DTM-BDL4 Channel0-10V Output (Plug-in)
DTM-DOV8 Channel0/12V Pulse (Plug-in)
DTM-DOR8 Channel2A Relay Contact (Plug-in)
DTM-DOC8 Channel4-20mA Output (Plug-in)
DTM-DOL8 Channel0-10V Output (Plug-in)
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