Servo Motors

AC Servo Motors from 0.4KW to 15KW

Our Servo Motors are general purpose, permanent magnet servo motors. The ECMA series is plug-n-play with our A2 Intelligent or B2 Economy servo drives. This series of Servo motor is available from 50W to 15kW. The ECMA servo motor series is a state of the art Servo motor. Its segmented stator results in low flux loss. The case and bearings are designed to withstand 2.5Gs of vibration. Rare earth magnets, Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NeFeB) are used in the rotor for high torque to size ratio. Delta’s ECMA motor series is 10 pole design (unlike the more common 6 or 8 pole) and delivers low cogging and smoother motion than other servomotors on the market.

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