ASD-B3 Series

ASD-B3 Servo Drives - 400W - 1.5KW

The Standard Delta Servo System ASDA-B3 Series features high tolerance, stable operation and high precision motion control functions. It creates a highly efficient, user-friendly operation environment for equipment and optimizes production efficiency and output value. Offering the best motion control solutions, Delta is boosting industry momentum and working with customers to create an innovative future.

Part #RatingVoltageDescription
ASD-B3 Series (Econo Range) – I/O: 4DI, 2DO. Control Mode: PR, S & T
ASD-B3-0421-L400W220V – 1PHModbus Motion Control
ASD-B3-0721-L700W220V – 1PHModbus Motion Control
ASD-B3-1021-L1.0KW220V – 1PHModbus Motion Control
ASD-B3-1521-L1.5KW220V – 1PHModbus Motion Control
ASD-B3 Series (EtherCAT Range) – Inputs/Outputs: 9 DI, 5DO, 2AI, 2AO. Control Mode: PT, Ecam, PR, S, T & FCLC
ASD-B3-0421-E400W220V – 1PHEtherCAT Motion Control
ASD-B3-0721-E700W220V – 1PHEtherCAT Motion Control
ASD-B3-1021-E1.0KW220V – 1PHEtherCAT Motion Control
ASD-B3-1521-E1.5KW220V – 1PHEtherCAT Motion Control
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