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Serial Surge Protectors

Our serial surge protectors meet high demand specifications with three stage protection for maximum safety: a gas discharge tube feeds to a series resistor and a TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressor) for each supported line. IEEE 1000-4-5: 1995 and IEEE C62.41-1991 are the recognized standards for top quality, heavy duty serial surge protectors.

BB-HESP4DRRS-422/485 Dataline Surge Suppressor
BB-485HESPSerial Surge Protector, RS-485 Data Line, 3 Stage
BB-232HESPSerial Surge Protector, RS-232 Data Line, 3 Stage
BB-422HESPSerial Surge Protector, RS-422 Data Line, 3 Stage
BB-CANOPSerial Isolator with CAN Terminal Block
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