APAX 5000 Series

APAX-5000 Series Controllers

Our APAX-5000 Controllers use an open development architecture with embedded KW Multiprog Softlogic software and optional HMI/SCADA, integrates control, information processing, and networking in a single automation control system. Advantech’s APAX products leverages KW Multiprog and ProConOS as the development tool. Users can easily choose the most suitable SoftLogic software to use.
APAX-5580CDSHigh performance SoftLogic PC-based controller, empowered by CODESYS
APAX-5580Intel® Core™ i7/i3/Celeron DIN-Rail IPC w/ 2 x GbE, 2 x mPCIe, VGA
APAX-5620KWPAC with Marvel XScale CPU, CAN, KW
APAX-50011-slot Backplane Module
APAX-50022-slot Backplane Module
APAX-5002L2-slot Backplane Module
APAX-54022-slot Expansion Backplane for APAX-5580
APAX-5402L2-slot Expansion Backplane for APAX-5581
Digital Input Modules
APAX-504024-ch Digital Input Module
APAX-504524-ch Digital Input/Output Module
Digital Output Modules
APAX-506012-ch Relay Output Module
APAX-504624-ch Digital Output Module
Digital Input/Output Module
APAX-504524-ch Digital Input/Output Module
Analog Input Modules
APAX-501712-ch Analog Input Module
APAX-5017H12-ch High Speed Analog Input Module
APAX-501812-ch Thermocouple Input Module
RTD Module
APAX-50138-ch RTD Module
Communication Modules
APAX-5070Modbus/TCP Communication Coupler
APAX-5071PROFINET Communication Coupler
APAX-5072EtherNet/IP Communication Coupler
APAX-50904-port RS-232/422/485 Virtual COM with APAX Bus
APAX-54904-port RS-232/422/485 Communication Module
APAX-5435mPCIe module to support iDoor
Storage Modules
APAX-5430SATA HDD module
Power Supply Modules
APAX-5343Power Supply for APAX-5570 Series
APAX-5342Power Converter for APAX-5580
APAX-5343EPower Supply for APAX Expansion Modules
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