MVF20 Series

Delta Electronics - MVF20 Series Medium Voltage VFD, 530KW - 3200KW

Delta’s MVF20 series is a highly integrated and high-performing variable-frequency device for general-purpose motor control applications. It provides excellent variable-speed control for relevant system fans, pumps, and compressors. The MVF20 series cabinet features an in-parallel cabinet design and is an MVD with high power density and a high space utilization rate.

Part #RatingCurrentDescription
6.6kV Input Voltage / 6.6kV (36-pulse)
MVF20DD250NNSS2250KW250A6.6kV Input Voltage / 6.6kV (36-pulse)
MVF20DD250NNSS3200KW350A6.6kV Input Voltage / 6.6kV (36-pulse)
3.3kV Input Voltage / 3.3kV (18-pulse)
MVF20AA250NNSS1125KWW250A3.3kV Input Voltage / 3.3kV (18-pulse)
MVF20AA350NNSS1600KW350A3.3kV Input Voltage / 3.3kV (18-pulse)
11kV Input Voltage / 11kV (54-pulse)
MVF20FF036NNSS 530KW 36A11kV Input Voltage / 11kV (54-pulse)
MVF20FF070NNSS1060KW70A11kV Input Voltage / 11kV (54-pulse)
MVF20FF100NNSS1500KW100A11kV Input Voltage / 11kV (54-pulse)
MVF20FF140NNSS2100KW140A11kV Input Voltage / 11kV (54-pulse)
MVF20FF215NNSS3400KW215A11kV Input Voltage / 11kV (54-pulse)
MVF20FF250NNSS4000KW250A11kV Input Voltage / 11kV (54-pulse)
MVF20FF350NNSS5600KW350A11kV Input Voltage / 11kV (54-pulse)
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