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PLC Technologies offers a wide range of PCIE DAQ Cards, ranging from Analog to Digital, Counter, Relay, TTL options. Multifunction DAQ PCIE cards are also available. Perfect for Instrumentation control and data acquisition systems.

PCIE-1730-AE32-ch TTL and 32-ch Isolated Digital I/O PCIE Card
PCIE-1751-AE48-ch Digital I/O and 3-ch Counter PCIE Card
PCIE-1760-AE8-ch Relay and 8-ch Isolated Digital Input PCIE Card
PCIE-1802-AE8-ch, 24-Bit DSA PCIE Card
PCIE-1810-AE16ch, 12bit, 800kS/s PCIE Multifunction Card
PCIE-1884-AE32-bit, 4-ch Encoder Counter PCIE card
PCIE-1730H-AE32-ch TTL and 32-ch Isolated Digital I/O PCIE Card
PCIE-1753-AE96-ch Digital I/O PCIE Card
PCIE-1761H-AE8-ch Relay & 8-ch IDI PCIE Card
PCIE-1802L-AE4-ch, 24-Bit DSA PCIE Card
PCIE-1812-AE250 kS/s, 16-bit, 8-ch, Simultaneous AI card
PCIE-1750U-AE32-ch Isolated Digital I/O PCI Express Card
PCIE-1762H-AE16-ch Relay & 16-ch IDI PCIE Card
PCIE-1803-AE8-ch, 24-Bit, 128kS/s PCIE DSA Card
PCIE-1752-AE64-ch Isolated Digital Output PCIE Card
PCIE-1805-AE1MS/s, 16bit, 32-ch Analog Input PCIE Card
PCIE-1816-AE16ch, 16bit, 1MS/s PCIE Multifunction Card
PCIE-1754-AE64-ch Isolated Digital Input PCIE Card
PCIE-1816H-AE16ch, 16bit, 5 MS/s PCIE Multifunction Card
PCIE-1824-AE16-bit, 32-ch Analog Output PCIE card
PCIE-1756-AE64-ch Isolated Digital I/O PCIE Card
PCIE-1765-AE12-ch Relay PCIE card PCIe
PCIE-1840-AE4-ch, 125MS/s Digitizer PCIE Card
PCIE-1756H-AE64-ch Isolated Digital I/O PCIE Card
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