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EtherCAT I/O Modules

Compact Modular EtherCAT I/O Modules. AMAX-5000 Series. IEC 61131-3 solution with EtherCAT slice I/O, empowered by CODESYS. Open platform with standard interface, easily integrate into any IT/OT applications. Compact size with high efficiency to improve equipment intelligence and stability as well as maintenance efficiency.

Part #DescriptionType
AMAX-4817-AE8-ch, 16-bit Isolated AI EtherCAT Slave ModuleRemote IO
AMAX-4830-AE16-ch IDI & 16-ch IDO EtherCAT Remote I/O moduleRemote IO
AMAX-4856-AE32-ch IDI & 32-ch IDO EtherCAT Remote I/O moduleRemote IO
AMAX-4862-AE16 IDI & 16 Relay EtherCAT Remote I/O moduleRemote IO
I/O Modules
 AMAX-5001-ASmart Power Input Module w/ 4DIExtension Card
AMAX-5017V-A4-ch RTD Input ModuleExtension Card
AMAX-5017C-A6-Ch Current AI ModuleExtension Card
AMAX-5015-A6-Ch Voltage AI ModuleExtension Card
AMAX-5018-A6-ch Thermocouple Input ModuleExtension Card
AMAX-5024-A4-ch Analogue Output ModuleExtension Card
AMAX-5051-A8-ch Digital Input ModuleExtension Card
AMAX-5052-A16-ch Digital Input ModuleExtension Card
AMAX-5056-A8-ch Sink Type Digital Output ModuleExtension Card
AMAX-5056SO-A8-ch Source Type Digital Output Module Extension Card
AMAX-5057-A16-ch Sink type DO ModuleExtension Card
AMAX-5057SO-A16-ch Source type DO ModuleExtension Card
AMAX-5074-AEtherCAT Coupler with ID SwitchExtension Card
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