AS320T-B - Delta AS300 PLC, 8DI, 12DO, Transistor (NPN)

The AS320T-B is a high performance multi-purpose mid-range plc controller designed for all types of automated equipment. Featuring Delta self-developed 32-bit SoC CPUs for enhanced execution speed (40k steps/ms) supporting up to 32 extension modules or up to 1.024 Inputs/Outputs. Providing accurate positioning control for up to 8 axes via CANopen motion network and 6 axes via pulse control (200kHz). Widely used in diverse automated equipment, electronics manufacturing, labelling, food packaging, and textile machines.

  • 32-bit CPU for high-speed processing
  • Max. execution speed of basic instructions: 25 ns
  • Built-in mini USB, micro SD slot RS-232 / 2x RS-485 com ports (Master/Slave), Ethernet IP (Adaptor and scanner)
  • Rackless design (no-backplane) direct DIN rail mounting, patented DIN rail clips for fast vertical module installation
  • Compact dimensions (H) 88 mm x (D) 95 mm
  • Program capacity: 128k steps / Data register: 60k words
  • Communication: USB, Ethernet, 2 x RS-485, (accepts 2 x AS-F function cards)
  • 2 x Incorporated slots accepting AS-F communication and/or analog function cards
  • Plug-in, screwless (push-in) terminals for ease of wiring and maintenance
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