APC Galaxy 300 UPS 10kVA 400V 3:1 with 10min Battery, Start-up 5×8

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The G3HT10K3IB1S provides an effective and reliable solution for protecting small server rooms, commercial buildings, and technical facilities. The online double-conversion topology supplies true isolation between input and output with zero transfer time. Available with integrated batteries or external batteries with robust charger, the UPS includes an internal mechanical bypass and simplified parallel capability for higher levels of availability. Remote and local monitoring/management capability is achieved through a built-in communication card with a simple Web/SNMP interface and a user-friendly display available in 18 languages. Both 3:3- and 3:1-phase configurations are available for convenient power distribution. Serviceability is greatly enhanced by front access for ease of maintenance in confined spaces. The Galaxy 300 has been ruggedized with conformance-coated boards and dust filter to better withstand harsh environments. All of these features, along with the included start-up and on-site warranty, make the Galaxy 300 the easiest UPS in its class to install, manage, and maintain.


  • Dual mains input
    • Allows standard installation of one or two independent power sources.
  • Automatic internal bypass
    • Built-in 100 percent rated bypass static switch prevents interruption by allowing load transfer to utility power during heavy overloads.
  • Parallel 1+1 for redundancy
    • Connected equipment can be powered with two UPS units in parallel to increase system redundancy.
  • Ruggedized design
    • With conformance-coated boards and included dust filter to better withstand harsh environments.
  • Integrated battery backup
    • Provides higher level of availability with up to 30 minutes of runtime.
  • A robust charger
    • Provides all-in-one solution for the most common runtime requirements


  • Manual maintenance bypass
    • Easily accessible maintenance bypass allows complete isolation of each part of the system, facilitating maintenance operations without power interruption.
  • Front-access servicing
    • Push-open door and slide-out boards simplify installation and maintenance while minimizing space requirements


  • Built-in management card for SNMP
    • Remote and local monitoring and management capabilities with simple Web/SNMP interface
  • User-friendly graphical interface
    • Easy-to-read LCD provides mimic diagrams, audible alarms, and multilanguage display, simplifying operation



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Galaxy 300 – 10KVA to 80KVA

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