Another major service done on a 15KVA Broadcrown Diesel Generator

Broadcrown 15KVA Diesel Generator

PLC Technologies was recently approached by a well known business in the retail industry that was looking for a company that could diagnose, repair, service and support their 15KVA Broadcrown diesel generator. PLC Technologies could get this generator running again and performed a major service as part of a maintenance agreement. Well done to our engineers for all the hard work.

Broadcrown 15KVA Diesel Generator Service

About Broadcrown

Located in the UK, Broadcrown was established in 1976 as an independent manufacturer of generators, and for over 40 years the business has grown the experience, skills, technology and manufacturing base to supply and support complete power generation systems.

In 2015 JCB acquired the Broadcrown business to significantly extend its range of power generators, engineering, installation and commissioning capability and outstanding generator aftermarket care. Today JCB Broadcrown supplies the complete JCB generator range from 6kVA to 3.3MVA, together with the highest quality components to meet the requirements of any project, both large and small.

Note: Broadcrown generators are no longer available in South Africa

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In-House Manufacturing

PLC Technologies design, manufacture, install and service a wide range of Diesel Generators from 25KVA to 13MVA in single and three phase options. We also manufacture silent canopies, automatic start and bypass panels.

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