AHCPU531-EN - Delta AH500 PLC, 4352 I/O, 384K Steps, Ethernet

The AHCPU531-EN is a high performance multi-purpose mid-range plc controller designed for all types of automated equipment. Featuring Delta self-developed 32-bit SoC CPUs for enhanced execution speed (40k steps/ms) supporting up to 32 extension modules or up to 1.024 Inputs/Outputs. Providing accurate positioning control for up to 8 axes via CANopen motion network and 6 axes via pulse control (200kHz). Widely used in diverse automated equipment, electronics manufacturing, labelling, food packaging, and textile machines.

  • Utilizes a dual-core multi-tasking processor
  • Excellent program execution speed: 0.3ms / 1k steps
  • Enhanced flexibility: Max. 100 meters between 2 local extension racks
  • Hot-swapping function keeps system running for improved maintainability
  • CPU built-in with fully isolated RS232/422/485, Mini-USB, Ethernet, SD Card 1.0
  • Highly integrated software ISPSoft: graphical interface with 5 programming languages
  • MaxI. I/O points:
    • DIO: Max. 4.352 points
    • AIO: Max. 544 channels
    • RIO: Max. 125.440 digital points / 3.920 analog channels
  • Program capacity: Max. 256K steps / Data register 64K words
  • 2048 timers and counters
  • WEB/E-mail/IP Filter function
  • Built-in Ethernet communication port
  • NTP network time correction function
  • Built-in SD card slot, Mini-USB programming port
  • With built-in EtherNet communication port 100Mbps
  • Built-in RS232/422/485 multi-modes communication port x 2
  • No battery required RTC function (max. 30 days after power off)
  • Program execution speed: LD instruction @ 0.02μs / 1K steps @ 0.3ms
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