UPS0525RINTEL - Meissner, MP225, 25KVA, 0mins, 400V/230V

  • True double conversion on-line design
  • vailable in single and three phase input
  • Maintenance Bypass Switch on all models
  • Static Bypass Switch as standard
  • High Frequency Pulse Width Modulated (PWM) microprocessor design
  • High overload capability
  • Very quiet operation (typically 55dBA and lower)
  • Compact,slimline cabineton castors for easy installation
  • Simple Network Management
  • Protocol (SNMP) capability
  • Extended back-up options available
  • Solid, reliable on-line double conversion back-up for mission critical application

The UPS0525RINTEL use a microprocessor controlled design using advanced high frequency pulse width modulated (PWM) techniques. The result is a compact, low component count UPS providing unequaled reliability and performance with very low noise levels. Our MP200 UPS range is packaged in a aesthetically pleasing cabinet with standard batteries housed within the UPS cabinet. A separate matching battery cabinet is available for extended run-times. The Meissner MP200 UPS is a true on-line design incorporating a static bypass switch as standard. In addition to this a manual make-break-switch is also provided for additional system reliability and ease of maintenance. The alarms and the on/off switch on the UPS is incorporated into the front facia of the unit. Standard protection is provided to reduce possible damage caused by lightning strikes. PLC Group supplies the entire range of MP200 UPS systems to the industry.