Energy Natural Resources

Energy Natural Resources


Energy Natural Resources by PLC Technologies South Africa

We serve the entire spectrum of Energy Industry applications.  Some of the world’s harshest environments are found in Mines, Petroleum, Oil & Gas installations, Power generation facilities and Wastewater Treatment operations.   With our full line of connectivity solutions, including Class 1/Div 2 certified products, your demand for products with rugged reliability can be satisfied.

petroleum oil gas smallPetroleum, Oil & Gas

From upstream exploration and production management to downstream transportation and delivery, PLC Technologies offers a range of data communication and M2M networking products ideally suited for the harsh environments encountered in energy production. Transwestern Pipeline uses Ethernet Switches Modbus Ethernet Serial Servers | Class-1 Division-2 Wireless Fuel Tank Gauging | Coal Delivery SCADA System Uses Serial Radio Modems | Specialized Testing and Analysis System for Global Warming and Hydrocarbon Testing by Geotek

water waste water smallWater & Waste Water

Complex water management systems require SCADA and automation support devices that understand the unique needs of water treatment facilities and are designed to function reliably in rugged conditions. Isolated Serial Converter for Waste Water Reliability | Recording Wastewater Chlorine & pH Levels

utilities smallUtilities

Energy delivery to the end user relies on data delivery within the distribution network. Substation automation, advanced metering, remote I/O all depend on a reliable network architecture enabled with data connectivity products designed for harsh environments. Isolated Serial Converter for Power Utility Communications | Power Plant Holding Pond | Wireless Well Monitoring System | Control and Monitoring of a Heat Distribution Network | Second Sight Systems | Monitoring Radiation Levels in a Nuclear Power Plant

remote power smallRemote Power

When the need for power exists off the grid- it doesn’t mean that reliable data communications isn’t available. Regardless of the physical location, PLC Technologies helps provide rugged, reliable, highly secure data networks well beyond the standard definition of a network’s edge. Rugged, Industrial Grade Ethernet Infrastructure for Wind Farms | Teaming Data Systems for Portable Power